An Exploration of the Wonders of Red caviar

All over the world, red caviar is a synonym for luxury. Virtually no parties and banquets can be done without this delicacy. In the West, red caviar is often called "Russian" and even the Japanese gave the salmon product its middle name in the Russian style - caviar. Although most Russians appeared caviar much later on the tables than is generally assumed. And many still believe that the only virtue of fish caviar is the delicious taste. This is even one of the most convenient products.
Where does "red gold" come from in Russia?
Many will remember a scene from an old Soviet film, in which one of the heroes at the table asks with caviar "red, black and sea eggplant". But the most important paradox is that in the time of Ivan the Terrible they knew nothing of red caviar.
For the first time on the royal tables this product appeared at least a century and a half after his death - at the end of the XNUMXe century, only after the roads to Siberia had been built. Moreover, the first shipments of "red zlota" brought by traders to Petersburg had no interest. Merchants gave the goods practically for nothing to the poorest taverns.
But the inhabitants of the Far East had a very different attitude towards red caviar. The product is always of paramount importance there. For the peoples of the north, fish eggs served as second bread. This delicious, nutritious and very healthy food was used by fishing families in fresh, boiled, baked and dried form. But the well-known salted caviar did not appear until the first decade of the twentieth century. And as soon as someone thought about processing the product with a saline solution, it immediately became popular throughout Russia. A real royal dish with salmon eggs was only made under Nicholas II. At the same time, the demand for caviar of salmon and pink salmon appeared for the first time.
As the popularity of "red gold" grew, so did its price. No one had guessed to distribute caviar practically to the poor for nothing.

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